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EmpowerU Virtual Conversation

Women hold just 10.9% of leadership positions in the world’s 500 largest companies. In companies across the U.S. they hold only 21% of leadership positions across all companies. When women make up half the population and nearly half the workforce, why do we still see stagnation in equality of opportunity and professional growth for women?

At the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University, we are interested in growing the next generation of woman innovators. EmpowerU is a new LaunchPad community, a space for women and allies to encourage each other in fearless professional growth. Overcoming biases in the workplace, dealing with imposter syndrome, advocating for oneself and one’s work, holding confidence in one’s skills, being unafraid to propose new ideas and projects, not backing down in the face of criticism, and going after one’s visions are just a few examples of what we hope to cultivate in each other in this community.

Can't make be on campus to make the event? Contribute to the conversation below in the comments!

Some topics to think about:

Share about a woman in your life who has impacted you positively.
Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome? When?
What is your definition of success and growth?
How do you take time to rest from your responsibilities in work or personal life?
What is standing in your way from achieving your ultimate career dream?

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